There are a variety of scholarships, both full and partial, for stays abroad: scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies, language courses, internships, and short research visits. Here you will find a broad overview of the main funding sources and other opportunities.

Scholarships for Studying and Internships Abroad

There are various types of scholarships, most of which are highly competitive. An application is still worthwhile!

For students (including graduate and doctoral students) there are two major sources:

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Fulbright Foundation (only for the USA)

The DAAD awards scholarships for study stays, language courses, internships, research visits, etc. On its website there is a scholarship database (daad), that helps everyone (undergraduate and graduate students) to find the right scholarship. Here you will also find a wealth of information about studying and internships abroad. The DAAD provides various scholarship guides and brochures, for example on language courses. You can obtain these brochures at the International Office (Building 4) or view them there. In general, for all scholarships, the following applies:

Lead time approx. 18 months, starting after the fourth semester.

Important DAAD Scholarships

  • Annual grants, only outside the EU
  • Short-term scholarships: study stays for dissertations
  • Language course scholarships (not for English)
  • Scholarships for specialized courses
  • Specialized internships > IAESTE
  • Summer Institute Program, Taiwan
  • PhD fellowships
  • Postdoc fellowships

More detailed information about these scholarships can be found in the DAAD scholarship guide, “Förderungsmöglichkeiten für Deutsche”.

Other Scholarship Tips

Especially for doctoral students, it is also worthwhile to take a look at the index of foundations (in particular also for general scholarships).

An additional way to finance your stay abroad is the Auslands-Bafög or www.bafö, even if you are not receiving any Bafög funding for studying in Germany.

Scholarship for the Directionless: This is aimed at school and university students from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, who have the courage to stop and look for their own personal way.

The International Office team in Building A2 2, top floor, will answer any questions you may have about scholarship opportunities and studying abroad.