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The Competence Center Computer Science Saarland (KIS) was founded in 2005 to strengthen the Saarbrücken computer science. For decades, Saarbrücken’s computer science has played an outstanding role for Saarland as a research and business location. The focus of the KIS was in particular on the bundling and coordination of the diverse activities of Saarbrücken’s computer science in research, teaching and technology transfer. For the first time, the KIS also addressed and strengthened the areas of public relations and science communication, gender equality and the promotion of young scientists. Until 2022, the Saarland Informatics Competence Center was funded by the Saarland state government and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), during which time it laid the foundation for its successor, the Saarland Informatics Campus. This continues the previous activities and expands them further strategically.

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Regional Partners

Scheer Group

The Scheer Group – The Innovation Network is a network of growth-oriented IT companies working closely with scientists on the Saarbrücken campus. Through this exchange, the the Scheer Group companies can offer their clients high-quality and innovative IT solutions for process management, learning management, mobile service management, energy efficiency and IT security.

saarland.innovation&standort e.V.

saarland.innovation&standort e.V. ( helps companies in the Saarland to improve their competitive and innovative power. In addition, it assists firms in developing new sales markets and attracting qualified specialists.

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Software Cluster

Saarbrücken informatics is also part of the Software-Cluster. This region covers the centers at Karlsruhe, Darmstadt, Kaiserslautern, Waldorf and Saarbrücken. Along with research facilities and small and mid-sized IT businesses, well-known firms like SAP AG and Software AG are also represented in this BMBF-supported project. The goal is to combine and expand the strong existing competences in the area of business software development. With digitalization of business and Industry 4.0 having already been core themes, internationalization is now in focus. To this end, joint research and development projects are being conducted with Silicon Valley (USA), Bahia (Brazil) and Singapore.

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