CSIS AI council white paper on global AI governance ahead of G7 summit in Japan

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The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) AI Council today released a landmark report on advancing the global governance of artificial intelligence (AI) at the 2023 G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan.

The report, Advancing Cooperative AI Governance at the 2023 G7 Summit, makes timely policy recommendations on how G7 countries can set the global agenda for AI governance, including establishing a common lexicon for AI and streamlining regulation between national, regional, and professional organizations. It was developed in cooperation with the CSIS AI Council and working group, an international and cross-disciplinary group of chief executives, leading academic experts, and former policymakers.

DFKI CEO Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger explains: “For 35 years, DFKI has stood for transfer-oriented and constructive reflection on the sociatal opportunities of AI. As a member of the CSIS AI Council, I am committed to achieving concrete progress in the coordination process on globally interoperable regulatory frameworks for AI governance at the meeting of the G7 Digital Ministers, 29 and 30 April, in the run-up to the G7 Summit in Japan.”

AI holds enormous promise to address the world’s most pressing challenges. Individuals and organizations are beginning to use AI to advance labor productivity and drive anti-inflationary growth, develop more sustainable products, cure diseases, feed a growing population, and address climate change. At the same time, if managed or applied poorly, AI safety failures or risks can perpetuate harm and work against the very goals AI’s application seeks to solve.

This CSIS AI Council report finds that prudent and globally interoperable regulatory frameworks that are risk-based, context-specific, agile, and collaborative can effectively address AI’s challenges, accelerate responsible AI adoption, and harness the full potential of AI.

The report recommends that G7 leaders commit to (1) alignment on consistent norms, concepts, and terminology for AI regulatory frameworks; (2) cooperative development and adoption of technical AI standards; and (3) adoption of principles for good and ethical AI governance that promote an interoperable, balanced, and mutually recognized approach to AI regulation.

The CSIS AI Council, co-chaired by Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO of Accenture, and Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President of Microsoft, was launched in October 2022. Gregory C. Allen, Director of the CSIS Wadhwani Center for AI and Advanced Technologies, serves as Executive Director of the CSIS AI Council. With extensive collaboration among a robust and engaged working group, the CSIS AI Council has conducted thorough reviews of the international AI governance landscape, as well as efforts to multilateralize AI policy.

Members of the CSIS AI Council:
•    Julie Sweet (Co-Chair), Chair and CEO, Accenture
•    Brad Smith (Co-Chair), President and Vice Chair, Microsoft
•    Genevieve Bell, Distinguished Professor and Director, Autonomy, Agency & Assurance Institute, Australia National University
•    Albert Bourla, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pfizer
•    France Cordova, President, Science Philanthropy Alliance; Former Director, National Science Foundation
•    Yuko Harayama, Former Executive Director, RIKEN; Former Executive Member of the Council for Science, Tech, and Innovation, Cabinet Office of Japan
•    Frank Heemskerk, Secretary General, European Round Table for Industry; Former Executive Director, World Bank
•    Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Visa
•    Antonio Krüger, Chief Executive Officer, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
•    Fei-Fei Li, Sequoia Professor and Denning Co-Director, Stanford Institute for Human- Centered Artificial Intelligence, Stanford University
•    Cedrik Neike, Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Digital Industries
•    L. Rafael Reif, Former President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
•    Jun Sawada, Chairman, NTT Corporation
•    Roger Taylor, Former Chair, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (UK)
•    Emma Walmsley, Chief Executive Officer, GSK
•    Adrian Weller, Head of Safe and Ethical AI, The Alan Turing Institute; Director of Research in Machine Learning, University of Cambridge
•    Kenichiro Yoshida, Chief Executive Officer, Sony Group Corporation

The CSIS AI Council Press Release: https://www.csis.org/news/csis-ai-council-releases-landmark-report-ahead-g7-summit



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