Max Planck Researchers honored for outstanding contributions to logic and computation

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MPI-SWS faculty member Derek Dreyer and nine of his collaborators (including notably UdS/MPI alumnus Ralf Jung, as well as former MPI-SWS postdocs Jacques-Henri Jourdan and Aaron Turon and UdS/MPI student David Swasey) have received the 2023 Alonzo Church Award for Outstanding Contributions to Logic and Computation for their seminal work on the Iris framework for higher-order concurrent separation logic.

Specifically, the following four papers were recognized:


The Church Award has been given out since 2016, and has typically been given to papers that were 20-25 years old (to allow time for foundational work on logic to have major impact).  In this case, however, the four awarded Iris papers were published only 5-8 years ago! In that relatively short period of time, Iris has served as a springboard for a huge amount of research in semantics and program verification, including over 70 papers in top venues (see the Iris project page), and it has been adopted as a core verification technology by a multitude of research groups around the world, as well as the systems verification company BedRock Systems. More details about the Alonzo Church Award and about the 2023 Church Award.

Originally published at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems