Scientific cooperation agreement between CNR and DFKI

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The Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Cnr; ‘National Research Council’) and the Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI; ‘German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence’) signed a Scientific Cooperation Agreement on Friday in the setting of Villa Vigoni on Lake Como. The agreement was signed in recent days by Cnr President Maria Chiara Carrozza, and was signed at Villa Vigoni by DFKI CEO and scientific director Prof. Antonio Krüger.

With a network of 88 institutes distributed throughout Italy grouped into seven departments covering the main areas of science and culture, and nearly ten thousand employees, the Cnr is the leading public research organization in Italy. DFKI is Germany’s leading institution for artificial intelligence, with over a thousand employees in eight cities.

The signed agreement defines a collaborative framework to be subsequently concretized through specific operational programs that will include activities such as the development of joint research programs, visits and exchanges of research personnel, the organization of workshops and conferences, and other mutually agreed cooperation activities.

Contacts between the two institutions, already existing within EU projects, have recently been reinforced through the “Italy-Germany WEBinar Series” devoted to “Artificial Intelligence: Methods and Applications.” Three of the five seminars in the series were given by DFKI researchers, while for Cnr, researchers from the main institutes with expertise in AI (Cnr-IIt, Cnr-Isti, and Cnr-Icar) participated. A more institutional seminar – “AI Strategies and Partnerships in Italy and Germany” – was attended by DFKI Director Antonio Krüger and Giuseppe De Pietro for Cnr and FAIR. The series is organized by Matteo Pardo of the Cnr International Relations Office and the Scientific Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Berlin, Prof. Vincenzo Fiorentini, who also promoted a final workshop at Villa Vigoni.

The memorandum of understanding will run for four years, with an automatic renewal of an additional four.


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