Corporate IT Security: Infinitely flexible – endlessly insecure?

In May 2011 the Japanese electronics firm Sony had to admit publicly that hackers had stolen the bank data of several tens of thousands of clients. A few days later, the mail-order company Neckermann also disclosed the theft of 1.2 million customer data items. These spectacular data thefts show that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting individual businesses.

These developments, and countermeasures, were analyzed by:
Security in Business – Challenges in the Future
Sebastian Gerling,
Chair for Cryptography and Information Security, Saarland University

Developing software securely from the beginning
Dr. Werner Stephan, Roland Vogt,
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

Do social networks like Facebook endanger the security of corporate networks?
Professor Hendrik Speck,
Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern


Posted on 10.11.2011


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10th November 2011