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How do computer scientists think? Why study computer science? How do I teach a robot to talk? To answer these questions before you begin university studies, we offer various courses and activities for pupils that provide a glimpse into the fascinating world of computer science. Our Outreach Coordinator will be happy to assist you further.

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Junior Studies

For particularly gifted and motivated pupils, Saarland University has set up the Junior Study Program: even before secondary school graduation, students can study at the university. Their achievements in this program can then be credited toward a later course of study. In this way, up to two semesters can be “saved”. Junior students have a choice of around 30 subjects at Saarland University, including computer science. The precondition is that they have been recommended by their teachers for the study program. The junior study program is free of charge and is available during grades 11 and 12. Registration takes place at the beginning of the summer holidays.

Mentoring Program for Female Secondary Students

Female students in Saarland gymnasiums (secondary schools) in grades nine to eleven, who are interested in science and technology as well as in studying at Saarland University, are provided with a mentor. These mentors are studying or doing a doctorate in a scientific or technical degree program. They inform the pupils first-hand about the study content of MINT (also known as STEM) subjects, like bioinformatics, computational linguistics, computer science, or media informatics. In addition, they explain, for example, how they have organized their studies and what experiences they have gained.

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Robot Workshops for Pupils

Those who want to program Lego robots, teach them to walk and talk, and experience the university firsthand for a day can register for this workshop. In addition, we offer a behind-the-scenes view of Saarbrücken computer science research. Currently, there are workspaces for up to 12 participants, but by arrangement, it is also possible to work with entire school classes.

Higher Education Informational Visits

Higher Education Informational Visits (HIB) are specific events for students at the upper secondary level, in which university faculty present their study programs.

Study Sampler

The Study Sampler (Schnupperstudium) offers a “real-life” experience of university studies, for those at the upper secondary level. To this end, the university chooses a selection of courses that are particularly suitable for exploring the content and the day-to-day study experience.

UniCamp for female students in grades 8 and 9

The annual UniCamp is aimed at female students in grades 8 and 9 who want to discover their scientific and technical talents. During one week on the Saarbrücken campus, the fields of computer science and bioinformatics, chemistry, physics, mathematics, materials science and mechatronics can be learned through experiments and practical exercises.

Girls’ Day

The Girls’ Day (Mädchen-Zukunftstag) project offers girls in grades 5 to 10 a view into various areas of study and occupations. Each year in April, a variety of mainly technically-oriented businesses, higher education institutions – among them Saarland University – and research centers open their doors for girls. Through personal conversations with university students and faculty, girls can gain new experiences and broaden their horizons.

Saarland University’s “Pupil-Uni”

The Saarbrücken Pupil-Uni is a series of events to present an overview and early orientation on mathematical, scientific, and engineering study programs and related areas.

Seven-Lab Tour

For a whole week you can delve into the world of science with the Seven-Lab Tour: in the NanoBioLab (Chemistry), the “Join-In Lab” (Biochemistry), the Physics Nanoanalytics Center, the “SensoryTech” Lab (Mechatronics), the Pupils’ Environmental Lab (Geography), the Biology Lab for Microbiology and Biotechnology, or the Materials Science Lab.


What is computer science?
What makes computer science exciting?
How and where does a computer scientist work?
What is the computer science study program like?
How important is mathematics for the program?
Why should I study computer science in Saarbrücken?

Would you like to show your students what lies behind all these questions? Then “rent” yourself a computer science professor from Saarland University for your classes. Along with giving interesting insights into computer science research in a way that is understandable by a general audience, they can also answer general questions about a computer scientist’s field of work. University students are also happy to visit schools, to tell pupils about everyday student life. As well, there is the opportunity to combine these meetings with a student-led robot workshop. Or you can come to us at Saarland University!

These presentations are intended mainly for students in Grade 9 and up. However, Saarbrücken computer science experts are also available for other topics: just contact us!

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