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Subject at a glance

How can cars drive independently? How can we achieve that computers are better at detecting tumors on X-ray images than doctors? How can we prove that an algorithm is correct? Many modern questions require in-depth knowledge of both mathematics and computer science. Moreover, mathematics is the basis for computer science, and at the same time computer science opens up exciting fields of activity for mathematics.

Saarbrücken’s computer science department is known for its emphasis on mathematical foundations, and the mathematics department has renowned research groups that solve problems using computers. The two departments are strongly intertwined in an unconventional way. Through three bridge professorships, each of which is 50% in mathematics and 50% in computer science, ensuring a lively exchange between the two fields in research and teaching.

With the integrated bachelor’s degree program in mathematics and computer science, for the first time in Germany, the opportunity has been created to study the fundamentals of both subjects on an equal footing, in order to subsequently develop in all directions: in mathematics, in computer science – or further in a combination of these two subjects, depending on where one has identified one’s strengths.

„For many modern problems, computer scientists need a sound knowledge of mathematics – and vice versa. Being equally educated in both subjects is an excellent preparation for a career in science as well as in business.“
Prof. Moritz Weber

Excellent career prospects

Great prospects for graduates of the Mathematics and Computer Science program arise in all traditional fields of work for mathematicians and computer scientists. Exciting fields of work and the best career opportunities are also offered in particular in research and development departments in the fields of finance, e-commerce, automotive and mechanical engineering, medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and telecommunications. Here, graduates can optimally apply their strengths in both subjects.

Your profile

The program is suitable for everyone who has an affinity for both subjects, but also for those who do not want to commit themselves unambiguously at the beginning of their studies: It is possible to change to the bachelor’s program in mathematics or computer science after two semesters without loss of time.

Your study program Mathematics and Computer Science

The bachelor’s program in mathematics and computer science teaches the fundamental content of both mathematics and computer science in six semesters. On the mathematical side, this includes analysis, linear algebra, numerics and stochastics. On the computer science side, the fundamentals of programming, algorithms and data structures, and theoretical computer science are taught in particular. This knowledge allows the students to deepen their knowledge in any special field in both subjects.


The program is not subject to any admission restrictions. Admission to the program is only possible in the winter semester.

Enrollment (matriculation) for a first semester takes place online via the SIM portals of Saarland University without prior application.

  • for a winter semester by the end of September and
  • for a summer semester by the end of March.

Please note: If there is a change of subject when enrolling in a higher subject semester, a classification notice from the responsible examination office must also be submitted.

The submission of the required enrollment documents takes place exclusively online during the completion of an enrollment application in the SIM portals.

If you have any questions regarding the SIM portals, please visit our SIM Saarland help pages. There you will find a lot of information, videos and step-by-step instructions.

For prospective students with foreign previous education, different regulations apply in some cases.

Course program

The study of the bachelor’s degree program in mathematics and computer science (180 CP) includes modules on the following sub-areas:

  • 63 graded credit points from the area of Fundamentals of Mathematics (compulsory):
    • Analysis 1 (9 CP)
    • Linear Algebra 1 (9 CP)
    • Analysis 2 (9 CP)
    • Linear Algebra 2 (9 CP)
    • Analysis 3 (9 CP)
    • Numerics 1 (9 CP)
    • Stochastics 1 (9 CP)
  • 9 graded credit points from the area of core lectures in mathematics (9 CP each, elective)
  • 33 graded credit points from the area of foundations of computer science (compulsory):
    • Programming 1 (9 CP)
    • Programming 2 (9 CP)
    • Fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science (9 CP)
    • Fundamentals of Algorithms and Data Structures (6 CP)
  • 12 graded credit points from the elective section of Foundations of Computer Science:
    • Big Data Engineering (6 CP)
    • Concurrent Programming (6 CP)
    • Elements of Machine Learning (6 CP)
  • 9 ungraded credit points from the field of internships (compulsory): Software Internship (9 CP).
  • A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 graded credit points from the area of basic, core or advanced lectures in computer science. Other basic computer science lectures include Systems Architecture (9CP), Concurrent Programming (6 CP), Big Data Engineering (6 CP), and Elements of Machine Learning (6 CP).
  • 9 graded credit points from the core computer science lectures (9 CP each, elective).
  • 5 graded credit points from the area of proseminars on topics in mathematics or computer science (5 CP each, compulsory elective)
  • 7 graded credit points from the area of seminars on topics in mathematics or computer science (7 CP each, compulsory elective)
  • 6 graded credit points from the area of the bachelor seminar (6 CP)
  • At least 9 ungraded credit points through selectable modules from the compulsory elective areas:
    • arbitrarily selectable modules of the Bachelor’s program in mathematics
    • arbitrarily selectable modules of the bachelor study program computer science
    • Supervision of exercise groups (tutoring); usually 4 CP each, whereby multiple performance of these services is possible, provided that the exercise groups belong to different modules.
    • Language courses (maximum 6 CP, living languages, not native language)
    • Soft Skill Seminar
    • Industry Internship (maximum 6 CP) approved upon application to the Examination Board.
    • Modules approved on application to the Examination Board. Students have, for example, the possibility to submit an application to the Examination Board for recognition of the student engagement performed (especially cooperation in academic self-administration) as well as events on key qualifications amounting to a maximum of 3 CP each.
Student Advisory

Audit Chair
Prof. Dr. Peter Ochs
Campus Saarbrücken
Gebäude E1 1, Raum 4.06
66123 Saarbrücken
Tel.: 0681 302-70149

Central Student Advisory Service
Campus Saarbrücken
Campus Center, Geb. A4 4, EG
Tel.: 0681 302-3513

Study Coordination
Prof. Dr. Bildhauer
Campus Saarbrücken
Gebäude E2 4, Raum 1.02
66123 Saarbrücken
Tel.: 0681 302-3406

Facts about the Bachelor Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Enrollment: August 1 to September 30 (for the following winter semester)
  • Standard period of study: 6 semesters
  • No admission restriction
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Lectures in German and English
  • Individual supervision and support
  • Top positions in CHE ranking
  • Guaranteed Master’s place
  • Own graduate school
Study Coordination
+49 681 302-58092
Saarland Informatics Campus E1 3, R.207-209
66123 Saarbrücken
Image of Study Coordination

Application Areas

The Bachelor’s program in Mathematics and Computer Science is an interface between theory and application. An extremely exciting professional and research field awaits you!

  • Finances
  • Telecommunication
  • Logistics
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Cryptography
  • Optimization
  • Image Processing
  • Machine Learning




Quantum Technologies




Image Processing

Machine Learning

„The program provides a flexible start to your studies, as it offers a wide range of courses from both subjects and you can easily switch completely to mathematics or computer science in the first semesters – ideal if you don’t want to commit directly to one area.“
Nicolas Faroß, M.Sc. Mathematics and Computer Science

Frequently asked questions

Can one study the integrated program "Mathematics and Computer Science" only in Saarbrücken?
Up to our knowledge there is no other such integrated program in Germany. However, internationally such integrated programs are wide-spread, in particular in english-speaking countries. Examples of renowed universities which offer such a program are Oxford and Imperial College London in UK and Brown-University and Stanford in USA.
Does it cost anything to study the Master program?
There are no tuition fees in public universities in Germany. There is a semester fee which is currently 207 Euros which includes the semester ticket which allows free ride in all buses and regional trains in all of Saarland (which includes Saarbrücken).
What is the cost of living in Saarbrücken?
Compared to other cities in Germany, the living costs in Saarbrücken are relatively low. Students spend an estimated 350 to 510 Euros per month. Expect to spend this much or more, depending on where you buy food (big supermarkets are cheaper) and how often you eat out or travel. You should also add the cost of renting an apartment, with rents ranging from about 180 to 400 euros (shared flats/small or middle sized furnished apartments) plus a deposit of one month’s rent.
How many international students are in Saarbrücken?
The master program in computer science at Saarland University was one of the first English computer science programs in Germany. The fraction of international students is above 50% from countries all over the world. This creates a culturally stimulating environment.
Are there scholarships?
  • There are a limited number scholarhips available for excellent students via the International Max Planck Research School for Computer Science. You just have to use the option that you want to apply for IMPRS-CS at OAS when applying. We take care that your application is forwarded to them.
    If you intend to do also a PhD in Computer Science in Saarbrücken, then you can apply at the Saarbrücken Graduate School of Computer Science. In the preparatory phase before you have a PhD position you can get a monthly stipend, please see the webpage for more information also regarding the application process. In general, there are many research institutes (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Saarland University, Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science, Max-Planck-Institute for Software Systems, DFKI (German Center for Artificial Intelligence), CISPA) at the Campus and there are typically lots of positions either as a teaching or research assistant.

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