Computer Science Students’ Council gives out “Busy Beaver” Award

Bild der Pressemitteilung

Students in a lecture hall. Photo: Jörg Pütz

During the kickoff event of the winter semester 2022/23, the Computer Science Student Council again presented its “Busy Beaver” Award. With this award, the student council of the computer science programs recognizes lecturers who have distinguished themselves during the past semester through special commitment in teaching.

The following courses taught during the 2022 summer semester were honored: In the category “Basic Lectures” the award goes to the lecture “Foundations of Cyber Security II” by Dr. Michael Schwarz. The winner in the category “Core and Advanced Lectures” is Prof. Dr. Martina Maggio with the course “Embedded Systems”. Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hack was awarded for the seminar “Build an 8-bit Computer from Scratch”.