PhD student at SIC awarded with German Developer Prize for computer game

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"Crosscode", a mixture of close combat tournaments, skillful ball throwing and role playing.

Felix Klein, PhD student at the Chair of Computer Graphics at Saarland University, was honored with the German Developer Award in the category “Best Indie Game” on December 5th in Cologne for the game “Crosscode” which he conceived and developed. “Indie games”, also known as “independent video games”, are computer games that were launched on the market without the help of a financially powerful distributor. The German Developer Award is regarded as “the most important award for outstanding achievements in the development of video games from German-speaking countries”, according to the organizers of the competition.

When Felix Klein is not working on his doctorate under Professor Philipp Slusallek at the Chair of Computer Graphics at Saarland University, he is working on “Crosscode”. In 2011, he was still experimenting with the first ideas for it and since then, eight more people have been working on it in the company “Radical Fish Games” founded by Klein. A few days ago, they were awarded the German Developer Prize in the “Best Indie Game” category.

“Crosscode”, a mixture of close combat tournaments, skillful ball throwing and role playing, has caught the eye of players for years. The story behind the game is that the main character, who is named Lea and who cannot speak, has lost her memory. She can only regain her memory by exploring the worlds of the Crossworlds universe. She has to survive some close-quarter battles, use skillful ball throws to activate switches, and solve a lot of puzzles. All activities can be completed very quickly and realistically, as they are generated by a physics system that Klein has programmed himself.

Sponsors and partners of the German Developer Award 2018 are the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Film- und Medienstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, the City of Cologne, game, Blue Byte, Crytek, Assemble Entertainment and SAE Institute.

UPDATE: Last Wednesday it was announced that Crosscode also won the first Saarland “Game Award”.

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