Philipp Slusallek received Eurographics Gold Medal 2023

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L.-r.: ACM Turing Award Winner Prof. Pat Hanrahan (Stanford University), Prof. Philipp Slusallek, Eurographics Representatives Prof. Markus Gross (ETH Zürich), and Prof. Hans-Peter Seidel (MPI Informatics) Photo: Bertram Somieski / MPII

The European Computer Graphics Association, Eurographics, honored Prof. Dr. Philipp Slusallek for his outstanding contributions and leadership in the field of computer graphics and artificial intelligence. The award was presented on November 30, 2023, as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics.

Philipp Slusallek is Scientific Director and Member of the Executive Board at DFKI, where he heads the Agents and Simulated Reality research department. He received his doctorate from the University of Erlangen in 1995. After a stay as a visiting professor at Stanford University, he became a professor at Saarland University in 1999, where he co-initiated the Cluster of Excellence “Multimodal Computing and Interaction” in 2007 and was Research Director of the Intel Visual Computing Institute in Saarbrücken from 2009 to 2017. Prof. Slusallek is co-founder and Director of Strategy of the European AI initiative CLAIRE. He was appointed Research Director at DFKI in 2008 and has been Executive Director of DFKI in Saarbrücken since 2020.

Slusallek’s research covers a wide range of topics in computer graphics and AI, simulated and digital reality, highly realistic real-time graphics, high-performance computing and simulation, and novel programming models for CPU/GPU/FPGA. His work on interactive ray tracing with coherent rays has had a lasting impact on the field and has become a true milestone.

As one of the leading players behind the Eurographics Rendering Workshop (later EGSR), Philipp Slusallek took over the management of both the program and the conference. He was instrumental in the graphics hardware and high-performance graphics workshops and led the Eurographics High-Performance Graphics Working Group for over a decade.

Eurographics supports its members in advancing innovative technologies in computer graphics and related fields such as multimedia, scientific visualization, and human-computer interfaces. The association counts experts from all over the world among its members. Promoting the intensive exchange of scientific and technological know-how globally is one of its most essential tasks.

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