The Academy Award goes to… Markus Gross!

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Credits: Disney

Last Sunday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) presented its Academy Awards, known worldwide as the “Oscars”, for the 91st time. But Markus Gross was already an Academy Award winner. This is his second “Academy Award for Technical Achievement”.

Gross studied computer science at Saarland University, where he earned his doctorate in computer graphics and image analysis. He is now Professor of Computer Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and Director of Disney Research Studios (DRS).

His colleagues Bernd Bickel, Thabo Beeler and Derek Bradley received their certificates on the 9th of February. The Academy honored the four computer scientists for the “Medusa” software system. This allows control of animated characters such that they can give extremely realistic acting performances. Medusa has therefore already been used in productions such as “Avengers – Infinity War” and “Spiderman – Homecoming”.

The Technical Achievement Award has been awarded by AMPAS since 1931. The award winners receive a certificate instead of an Oscar statuette, as the latter is intended only for the category “Academy Award of Merit”. /gb

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