IT theme evening “Gamification and games in Saarland – added value for the region”

The games industry is emerging from its niche. In Germany alone, more than 10,000 people are employed in this sector, and the video games sector generates higher sales than the music and film industries. It is estimated that there are more than 2.3 billion consumers of video games worldwide and, according to all forecasts, e-sports will soon delight more viewers worldwide than all traditional sports.
Gamification, the application of game mechanics to business activities, is therefore a topic in which more and more companies are becoming interested. Gamification offers interesting opportunities, for example in marketing, for the generation and implementation of ideas and innovations, or for employee training.
The IT theme evening on November 7th at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence will therefore address the question of what role the computer games industry and gamification play in Saarland, and which research questions Saarland University and the University of Applied Sciences are dealing with in the context of gamification. The participants will receive a comprehensive overview of and insights into the possibilities, advantages and current developments of gamification, including for use in companies. And they will get to know start-ups, which will show what ideas they want to use to establish themselves in the market.

Program on 07.11.2019:

Welcome and Moderation
Philipp Adamidis, IT Inkubator GmbH
Games and Gamification – The linkage of the real and the virtual world. An overview with application examples
Prof. Dr. André Miede, Saarland University of Applied Sciences
“One size does not fit all” – Why individualized gamification is better for the user
Dr. Pascal Lessel, DFKI
Short presentations and discussion with representatives of the games community in Saarland
Jasmin Pfeiffer, DigiTales
Felix Klein, Radical Fish Games
Julian Colbus, game Saarland
Following: Meet and greet
The event is part of the Technology Transfer Saar initiative of saaris, KWT and fitt and is jointly organized with DFKI and the Saarland Competence Centre for Computer Science. It will take place at DFKI on the university campus in Saarbrücken, building D3 2. Participation is free of charge. Parking is available on campus as well as in the nearby east multi-story car park.


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7th November 2019