Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the application and enrolment for the masters degree programmes at SIC

These FAQ concern the application process and the enrolment for our computer-science-related master degree programmes at SIC. Please find general information about the application process in the individual application guides of those programmes:

The application process for the following degree programmes is handled by other parties. Please find more information about these programmes and the application process on their pages.

FAQ Application


For how many programmes can I apply?

You can apply for two master programmes at the same time. However, you can either apply for a MSc or a PhD.

If you want to apply for a programme that is in the new application system (e.g. Computer Science) and one that is in the old application system (e.g. Bioinformatics) for the same semester, you have to register and submit an application in both systems by the respective deadline.


I made an error during my submission. What now?

Please pay attention when entering your details or uploading documents in our application system. You will not be able to change any details after submitting your application. The name you have entered in the application system, should match the name printed in your passport or national id.


I don’t have a final diploma yet; can I still apply?

You can apply without your final diploma if you are in your final semester. Please upload a transcript showing your current study progress and enter your current average grade as grade. If your application is successful, you will get a conditional admission letter and be asked to provide the official diploma during your first term at UdS.


Do I need an APS certificate?

Applicants who have obtained their university degree in China, India and Vietnam are required to submit the original APS Certificate issued by the Academic Evaluation Center (Akademische Prüfstelle) in the corresponding country with the application. Please check with your local German Embassy, if a certificate is needed, if you are unsure.


Do my documents need to be notarized?

The documents for the application do not need to be certified by an embassy or a notary. We do not need or accept hard copies for the application. When you apply online with us, you can just upload your scanned, legible documents in PDF format.


What happens if I do not submit my application before the deadline? Do I need to reapply for the next iteration?

Applications which are completed after the deadline will automatically be considered for the next application period. A completed application includes the LORs by both recommenders.


My recommenders did not receive an email with instructions on how to provide a LOR. How to proceed?

After submitting your application the system will send an email to the provided addresses of each of your recommenders to provide their LOR. Please instruct your recommenders to check in their spam folders. If necessary, they can request a new email by filling out the forgot password form with the email address you provided during your application.


What is the status of my application?

You can see the status of your application in the application system. The evaluation process by the admissions board process normally starts after the official deadline. As soon as a decision has been made about your application, you will receive an email with either a rejection or admission with further information. Please refrain from mailing us about the status of your application as no other information can be given.


When can I expect a decision from the application board?

The evaluation process normally starts after the official deadline. Results can usually be expected between the middle of December until mid-January for application for the summer semester and between mid-June and end of July for applications for the winter semester.


I applied for a master’s program and have been rejected. Why?

On our website the minimal application requirements are given. However, satisfying these minimal standards does not guarantee admission. Our master commission consisting of several professors reviews each application of all its strengths and weaknesses and accepts only the very best students out of hundreds of applicants for our highly challenging master's programs.

Please understand that due to the high number of applicants we cannot give individual reasoning to why an application has been rejected.


When can I expect an answer to my email requests?

Please expect response times of several days before the application deadline because of the high volume of requests during that time. We expect you to read the information given in the application guide and in this FAQ carefully before contacting us.

Please be aware of German national holidays. Furthermore, the university is closed over the winter holidays.

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