Ashutosh Gupta and Andrey Rybalchenko win ETAPS best paper award

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MPI-SWS PhD student Ashutosh Gupta and and faculty Andrey Rybalchenko, along with Rupak Majumdar (UCLA), have received the EAPLS best paper award for their TACAS’09 paper „From Tests to Proofs.“

The EAPLS award goes to the best contribution in the area of programming languages among CC, ESOP, and TACAS—three member conferences of ETAPS, the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software.

The award-winning paper describes the design and implementation of an automatic invariant generator that can be used in the verification of imperative programs. The authors‘ new approach makes constraint solving—and hence invariant generation—more scalable by adding information obtained from static abstract interpretation as well as dynamic execution of the program.

ETAPS, established in 1998, is a confederation of five annual conferences, accompanied by satellite workshops and other events. It is a primary forum for academic and industrial researchers working on topics relating to Software Science. Previous EAPLS best paper award winners are listed at