Five MPI-SWS papers at POPL 2019!

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Just as in 2018, MPI-SWS researchers again authored a total of five POPL papers in 2019:
  • Bridging the Gap Between Programming Languages and Hardware Weak Memory Models by Anton Podkopaev, Ori Lahav, and Viktor Vafeiadis.
  • From Fine- to Coarse-Grained Dynamic Information Flow Control and Back by Marco Vassena, Alejandro Russo, Deepak Garg, Vineet Rajani, and Deian Stefan.
  • Formal verification of higher-order probabilistic programs by Tetsuya Sato, Alejandro Aguirre, Gilles Barthe, Marco Gaboardi, Deepak Garg, Justin Hsu.
  • Grounding Thin-Air Reads with Event Structures by Soham Chakraborty and Viktor Vafeiadis.
  • On Library Correctness under Weak Memory Consistency by Azalea Raad, Marko Doko, Lovro Rožić, Ori Lahav, and Viktor Vafeiadis.

What’s more, the MPI-SWS Software Analysis and Verification group has a whole session to itself at POPL 2019. The weak memory session on Thursday, Jan 17, is comprised of the three papers by Viktor Vafeiadis, his students, postdocs, and collaborators.