MPI-SWS hosts the week-long Cornell, Maryland, Max Planck Pre-doctoral Research School 2019

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Last week MPI-SWS hosted the 3rd annual Cornell, Maryland, Max Planck Pre-doctoral Research School (CMMRS). This one-week school is designed to give undergraduate and Masters students from around the world a quick taste of what it is like to be a computer scientist! The school provides in-depth lectures on selected, state-of-the-art research topics and the opportunity to interact with leading academic and industry researchers, as well as current graduate students. The school also includes broader information sessions on pursuing a doctorate and on life as a computer scientist, thus providing students a head start for their research careers.

This year’s school welcomed 75 pre-doctoral students from 22 countries. Students heard lectures from some of the top researchers in CS:

  • Leilani Battle, University of Maryland, Introduction to Data Visualization
  • Dave Levin, University of Maryland, Measuring and Improving the Web’s Public Key Infrastructure
  • Rupak Majumdar, MPI-SWS, Random Testing with Theoretical Guarantees
  • Adrian Sampson, Cornell University, Designing Programming Languages for Heterogeneous Hardware
  • Fred Schneider, Cornell University, Isolation and Flow of Information
  • Adish Singla, MPI-SWS, Machine Teaching

The informal feedback from attendees and guests this year was overwhelmingly positive.

In addition to the scientific program, the school’s program included several fun social events, where students bonded and networked with other like-minded peers.

The school was generously sponsored by the NSF, the Max Planck Society, Facebook, Google, Huawei, Microsoft, and Nokia Bell Labs.

More information can be found on the CMMRS 2019 website.