MPI-SWS researchers receive multiple awards at ETAPS

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MPI-SWS researchers Rupak Majumdar, Ramanathan S. Thinniyam, and Georg Zetzsche have received the EAPLS Best Paper Award for their TACAS 2021 paper: General Decidability Results for Asynchronous Shared-Memory Programs: Higher-Order and Beyond.
In addition, a TACAS 2021 paper by Rosa Abbasi and Eva Darulova (along with their collaborators  Jonas Schiffl, Mattias Ulbrich, and Wolfgang Ahrendt) was one of only a handful of papers nominated for the EAPLS Best Paper Award: Deductive Verification of Floating-Point Java Programs in KeY.
Lastly, Michael Sammler and Rodolphe Lepigre received the Most Distinguished Tool Feature Award in the 2021 VerifyThis Competition, for their RefinedC entry, which was cited for supporting automated verification of C programs in Iris/Coq.


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