Otto Hahn Medal awarded to two MPI-SWS students

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Ralf Jung and Bilal Zafar have each been awarded a 2021 Otto Hahn Medal for outstanding scientific achievement. The Max Planck Society awards the Otto Hahn Medal annually to young scientists in recognition of outstanding scientific achievement. Ralf was awarded the medal for his work on the first formal foundations for the cutting-edge systems programming language Rust, while Bilal was awarded the medal for his work on developing responsible and trustworthy AI systems that can help reduce discrimination and polarisation in society. Ralf obtained his PhD in August 2020, and was advised by Derek Dreyer. Ralf is now a postdoc at MPI-SWS and research affiliate at MIT. Bilal obtained his PhD in February 2019, and was advised by Krishna Gummadi and Manuel Gomez Rodriguez. Bilal is now an Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services.

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