Paper by MPI-SWS researchers wins both a 2019 Usenix Security Symposium Distinguished Paper Award and the Usenix/Facebook Internet Defense Prize

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The paper „ERIM: Secure, Efficient, In-process Isolation with Memory Protection Keys (MPK)“ received a Distinguished Paper Award at the 2019 Usenix Security Symposium. It was selected as one of 6 distinguished papers out of 113 papers that appeared in the conference proceedings.

The work was also selected as the recipient of the Usenix Internet Defense Prize, along with a USD 100k gift from Facebook to support  further development of the technology.

The paper was authored by MPI-SWS doctoral students Anjo Vahldiek-Oberwagner, Eslam Elnikety, and Michael Sammler, along with MPI-SWS intern Nuno Duarte and MPI-SWS faculty members Deepak Garg and Peter Druschel.

Read more about ERIM here.