Paul Francis joins the MPI-SWS faculty

Bild der Pressemitteilung

Paul Francis joins the institute’s faculty as a scientific director. Paul’s work over the years has focused on network routing and addressing problems, with a particular interest in large and self-configuring systems.

Paul’s work has had tremendous impact on both research and industrial practice. He is best known for inventing Network Address Translation (NAT), shared multicast trees (which form the basis of PIM-SM), and the use of multiple addresses to scale routing in the face of site multihoming, which was adopted by IPv6.

Paul joins MPI-SWS from Cornell University, where he was on the faculty of the computer science department. Prior to that, Paul spent many years in industry labs such as Bellcore, NTT Research Labs in Tokyo, ACIRI in Berkeley, and at several Silicon Valley startups.

Paul Francis’s arrival marks the opening of the insitute’s Kaiserslautern site.