Redmiles‘ research on ethical adoption of COVID19 apps gains international media attention

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Research by MPI-SWS faculty member Elissa Redmiles and collaborators at Microsoft Research, the University of Zurich, the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University was featured in the New York Times, Scientific American (article 1article 2), Wired (article 1article 2), STAT News, and other venues.
The articles cover two papers: (1) Redmiles‘ paper in ACM Digital Government: Research and Practice proposing a framework and empirical validation through a large-scale survey of the attributes of COVID19 apps that may compel users to adopt them, such as the benefits of the apps both to individual users and to their community, the accuracy with which they detect exposures, potential privacy leaks, and the costs of using the apps; and (2) a preprint paper by Redmiles and her collaborators that develops predictive models of COVID19 app adoption based on an app’s level of accuracy and privacy protection.
These works are part of a larger project Redmiles leads on ethical adoption of COVID 19 apps:

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