Rupak Majumdar wins EAPLS and TODAES best paper awards

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MPI-SWS faculty Rupak Majumdar, along with his coauthors, has received two best paper awards: the EAPLS 2012 best paper award and the 2012 ACM TODAES best paper award.

Rupak Majumdar and Zhenyue Long, along with Georgei Calin and Roland Meyer at TuKL, have received the ETAPS 2012 best paper award for their paper „Language-Theoretic Abstraction Refinement“.

Rupak Majumdar has also received (along with Jason Cong, Bin Liu, and Zhiru Zhang) the 2012 ACM TODAES Best Paper Award for his 2010 TODAES article „Behavior-Level Observability Analysis for Operation Gating in Low-Power Behavioral Synthesis“.