Several Open Positions in the ERC-funded RustBelt Project

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The RustBelt project, kindly supported by an ERC Consolidator Grant, is looking to fill several open PhD and Postdoc positions.

POSTDOCS: We are seeking exceptional candidates with a strong, internationally competitive track record of research in programming languages and/or verification.  The primary criterion is quality, but I am particularly interested in candidates who have specialized expertise in one or more of the following areas:

– Rust
– substructural/ownership type systems
– verification of concurrent programs
– weak/relaxed memory models
– interactive theorem proving in Coq
– compiler verification

Experience programming in Rust is a welcome bonus, but not required.

STUDENTS: We are seeking exceptional candidates who have at least some background in programming language theory and/or formal methods, and who are eager to work on deep foundational problems with the potential for direct impact on a real, actively developed language.  A bachelor’s or master’s degree is required.  For more details about the MPI-SWS graduate program, see here:

Successful applicants will join the Foundations of Programming group, led by Derek Dreyer at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS)
in Saarbruecken, Germany.  Current and former postdocs in the group have included Andreas Rossberg (co-designer of WebAssembly), Chung-Kil Hur, Neel Krishnaswami, Aaron Turon (manager of the Rust project at Mozilla), Jacques-Henri Jourdan, Ori Lahav, Pierre-Marie Pédrot, and Azalea Raad.  Current and former PhD students in the group have included Georg Neis, Beta Ziliani, Scott Kilpatrick, David Swasey, Ralf Jung, Jan-Oliver Kaiser, Hoang-Hai Dang, Marko Doko, and @pythonesque.  The RustBelt project benefits from longstanding active collaborations with Viktor Vafeiadis (MPI-SWS), Lars Birkedal (Aarhus University), Chung-Kil Hur & Jeehoon Kang (Seoul National University), Deepak Garg (MPI-SWS), and Robbert Krebbers (TU Delft), as well as the many contributors to the Iris project (

The working language at MPI-SWS is English.

Application deadline: OCTOBER 31.  If you are interested in joining the RustBelt team and want to learn more about the project, please contact Derek Dreyer directly at  To apply for a postdoc (or PhD student) position, please submit a CV (and/or grade transcript), research statement (or statement of purpose), and list of references to

For further information, see the project web page at: