Viktor Vafeiadis joins the MPI-SWS faculty

Bild der Pressemitteilung

Viktor Vafeiadis joins the institute’s faculty, starting in October 2010. Viktor’s research interests are in software analysis and verification, programming languages, programming logics, and concurrency.

Viktor’s research contributions include inventing new concurrent program logics (RGSep & deny/guarantee); developing automated verification tools (SmallfootRG & Cave) for proving correctness properties of concurrent algorithms; and verifying some particularly challenging algorithms manually (e.g., mcas), mechanically (e.g., fast congruence closure), or automatically (e.g., lazy set).

Viktor received his B.A. degree in Computer Science in 2004 and his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in 2008 both from the University of Cambridge. After that, he held post-doctoral research positions at Microsoft Research and at the University of Cambridge.