Computer Science Course

The advantages of studying in Germany

Take advantage of a world-class education without tuition fees, the moderate cost of living and a safe environment. Enjoy the cosmopolitan flair of Saarbrücken and the great variety of possible leisure activities on offer in Saarland.

Studying computer science (CS) here means you’ll be at the forefront of innovation and the most recent developments in this fast-paced and exciting field. You’ll gain the foundational knowledge needed to master the computing systems of today and tomorrow. You’ll make a contribution towards major advances in areas such as the internet of things, trustworthy software, or artificial intelligence, etc. with far-reaching impact on our world, both now and in future.

Why study computer science in Saarbrücken?

Saarland University regularly ranks among the top places in Germany to study computer science and is one of the very first German universities to offer undergraduate programs taught entirely in English. There are even more good reasons to study with us!

The initial two years of your course cover a comprehensive syllabus, ensuring that you acquire in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of computer science. Depending on your interests, you can then specialize by selecting from a vast range of core and advanced courses taught by our world-class faculty.

Our computer science course (B.Sc.) at a glance

  • Saarland University is among the top universities for computer science in Germany and a premier destination for studying CS in Europe (16/198, CS Rankings)
  • One of the most international universities in Germany: over 20% of our scientists and almost 60% of our CS master’s students come from abroad
  • All courses are taught in English
  • Beginning: Winter semester
  • Application deadlines: usually preliminary review deadlines (PRD) in January and June and final deadline 15th July (FAQ)
  • All applications submitted to a PRD will be reviewed within four weeks after this PRD (please check our timetable here: application process)
  • This program has a limited number of seats and is therefore highly competitive, therefore, we will make a pre-selection of applicants to be invited to interviews
  • Duration: 3 years; Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • No tuition fees
  • Mentoring and support services
  • Accommodation services
  • Financial support
  • Wide range of master’s degree programs; doctoral studies at the Graduate School of Computer Science
  • Prefer to start your studies in German? Then our Bachelor Informatik is the right choice for you.
Central Student Advisory Service
+49 681 302-3513
Campus A4 4
66123 Saarbrücken
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„Saarland University offers an outstanding education in computer science at all levels: bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate. Moreover Saarbrücken is a fantastic place to live—I moved here more than 45 years ago and have always enjoyed living here.“
Prof. Kurt Mehlhorn, Director MPI and winner of the Leibniz Prize

computer science course citation Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Kurt Mehlhorn

Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Kurt Mehlhorn

Outstanding Study Environment: Saarland Informatics Campus (SIC)

From Theoretical Computer Science, Bioinformatics and Human Computer Interaction to AI and Cybersecurity—at Saarland University there is a unique variety of research areas. Over the past 50 years, the Computer Science department has established close cooperation with the Mathematics and Language Science and Technology departments as well as other renowned research institutes: Just a stone’s throw away on the campus are the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, the Center for Bioinformatics and the Cluster for Multimodal Computing and Interaction. They all work together as partners at Saarland Informatics Campus (SIC) to conduct world-class research and provide a unique experience for studying in a vibrant community. Within walking distance of SIC you can find the internationally renowned Helmholtz Center for Information Security CISPA, which conducts cybersecurity research at the highest level.



„The Department of Computer Science is one of the four best in Germany.“
CHE Ranking

Studying computer science at Saarland University

The bachelor’s program at Saarland University provides a broad understanding of all aspects of the subject. From day one, our computer science course puts a strong emphasis on equipping you with a solid foundation for a successful career in this dynamic field. The knowledge and skills you acquire will allow you to respond to the challenges of existing and future technologies in a fast-paced sector such as IT. All our courses include hands-on training and projects that give you a chance to put what you have learned into practice.


Our curriculum starts with a mandatory part comprising maths, programming, algorithms and data structures, theoretical Computer Science, machine learning, and system architecture to provide a solid introduction to the foundations of CS: Example.
From the fourth semester on, you can specialize your program according to your interests by selecting among a wide range of more than 20 core courses that go deeper into a specific field (e.g. artificial intelligence, computer graphics, visual computing, complexity theory, software engineering, databases, compilers, and so on). Finally you can get to the bottom of things with advanced courses that are on the edge of current research.
You complete your studies by writing a bachelor’s thesis in one of the more than 70 research groups headed by world-class faculty here at Saarland Informatics Campus. After completing your bachelor’s degree you can continue studying at Saarland University by applying to one of our Master’s programs or our graduate school to pursue a PhD.

Basic courses

_Maths 1 (Calculus)
_Maths 2 (Linear Algebra)
_Maths 3 (Multivariate Calculus & Probability Theory)
_Programming 1 (Functional Programming)
_Programming 2 (Imperative Programming)
_System Architecture
_Theoretical Computer Science
_ALgorithms and Data Structures
_Software Lab
_Elements of Machine Learning
_Big Data Engineering
_Concurrent Programming

Core courses

_Operating Systems
_Computer Graphics
_Database Systems
_Embedded Systems
_Information Retrieval and Data Mining
_Artificial Intelligence
_Computer Architecture
_Software Engineering
_Compiler Construction
_Automated Reasoning
_Image Processing and Computer Vision
_Computer Algebra
_Algorithms and Data Structures
_Introduction to Computational Logic
_Geometric Modelling
_Complexity Theory

Application and admission

This is a competitive program that has a limited number of seats. To be considered for admission you must provide a University Entrance Qualification (UEQ) and choose one of three application tracks listed and detailed below.

The University Entrance Qualification

The central component of your application is a University Entrance Qualification enabling for direct access to study programs at German universities (UEQ). Without a UEQ, it is legally impossible to enroll. What constitutes a UEQ depends on various aspects (please see the Appendix below). We cannot assess whether your documents constitute a UEQ before you apply. We can only check your application documents after you submit your complete application. We will ignore any mail that asks us for an assessment of documents prior to an application.

Application Tracks

In addition to the UEQ you need to provide additional qualifications. You can do this in one of the following three tracks:

  1. You provide documentation of having successfully participated in a science/informatics/mathematics olympiad, and results from an English test.
    (please refer to the Appendix for the requirements for the English test and the olympiads we accept.)
  2. You provide the results of an aptitude test, and an English test.
    (please refer to the Appendix for the requirements for the English test and the aptitude tests we accept.)
  3. You participate in a two-day (online) interview.

Note that you cannot apply for multiple tracks. You have to choose one when submitting your application. After you submit your application, you can no longer change between tracks.

Selection Criteria

After all documents you provided have been carefully examined, your UEQ grade will be combined with your track results into a score that gives you a position in a ranking of all participants. We admit the best N applicants from this ranking to the study program, where N depends on the number of available seats in the program.

For more information: Check out our FAQ!

Your profile

_Are you interested in Computer Science, are you creative and can you think abstractly?
_Do you enjoy working with others, figuring out solution strategies and thinking outside the box?
_You are enthusiatic about mathematics, abstraction, computers, and technology in general?
_You performed above average in mathematics in school?
_You want to go deep, understand how things work, and get to the foundation of things? You prefer a research-oriented study program over practical training?
_You’d love to study at a vibrant place with world-class research institutions?
Then this your program!

Outstanding career prospects

Plenty of different work experience opportunities in academia and industry alike are available right from the beginning of your studies. You can work as a research assistant in the computer science department, at one of the five associate institutes or as an intern at one of the many start-ups and IT companies in the region.
With a degree from Saarbrucken under your belt, you will be an ideal candidate for jobs in leading companies in the high-tech industry. Thanks to cooperation between our campus and numerous organizations, students benefit from excellent opportunities to succeed on the global job market. Our alumni work at companies such as Google, Intel, NVidia and with many other global players. If you wish to pursue a career in academia, you can stay on with us at the Saarland Informatics Campus. We offer you ample opportunity to be involved in the next big breakthrough in computer science.
If starting your own business is your dream, Saarland University provides a broad range of support for budding entrepreneurs and is even in the top 10 out of over 200 German universities according to recent rankings of their support for start-ups.

„Thanks to a master’s and a PhD fellowship from the MPI,
I was able to concentrate fully on my studies.
Now, together with the DFKI, I am leading the research project “Carousel”, in which I teach 3D characters in virtual reality how to dance—funded by the European Union.”
Noshaba Cheema, PhD Student (MPI), researcher (DFKI), winner of Women’s STEM Award 

Link to her interview

Picture of Noshaba Cheema

Noshaba Cheema

Preparing for your time at Saarland University

Once you receive confirmation of acceptance, all you have to do is enroll, pay your semester fee and then find accommodation. Before travelling to Germany, there are a number of things you will need to do to get organized and, once you arrive in Saarbrucken, a few administrative formalities to complete. For instance, you will need to take out health insurance cover and open a bank account. You will also need to apply for a temporary residence permit and register with the local authorities. Our checklist summarizes all you need to do.

Students in the computer lab
Accommodation services

If you aren’t already living in Germany, you can apply to rent one of the apartments reserved by the university for its international BSc. programs. These apartments are intended to make it easier for you to settle in and can be rented for one year. By the end of the first year, you’ll need to find new accommodation (either in a university hall of residence or on the private housing market). The university provides assistance with both. It is also very common to share an apartment with fellow students (called Wohngemeinschaft in German, or WG for short). More information.

An aerial view of the campus

Get an impression of what awaits you when you’re a student in Saarbrucken with a virtual tour of the campus. You can see the main buildings and lecture halls for computer science students here. It gives you an idea of the uni before you even get here.


Students talking together
How much will the course cost?

Although Saarland University is an internationally acclaimed research center for computer science, Saarbrücken remains a hidden gem among German university cities and therefore has a very moderate cost of living compared with other cities here.

Tuition fees

The academic study programs offered at Saarland University are state-funded. Therefore no tuition fees are charged for all Bachelor’s and consecutive Master’s programs. Instead, students pay an administrative fee of 286 EUR per semester, which includes a pass for public transportation and further benefits.

Cost of living

Students in Saarbrücken should calculate to have about 800 EUR living expenses per month, though this figure will vary individually. This figure includes fixed costs such as the obligatory health insurance and the rent for an apartment. The health insurance is 115 EUR per month and covers all necessary procedures. The rent adds up to about 300-400 EUR per month, which is significantly less than in Munich, Aachen, Berlin or Karlsruhe.


There are lots of different funding opportunities for studying in Germany:

_Financing your Stay
_Job Offers

Welcome at Saarland University in Saarbrücken

Saarland University offers special support and guidance services to our international students, every step of the way. Aside from welcoming new foreign students to the university, we organize where international students can meet their fellow German students and colleagues. We also provide assistance in dealing with official and administrative matters. To encourage interaction between German and international students, the department also runs a successful peer mentoring program called the Buddy Program.

Welcome events, buddy programs, game nights, regular barbecue parties in the summer—you name it. There is a wide variety of activities that make sure you make contact with local students fast and have a great time here.
Jonas Wengel, B.Sc. student

Do you want to study computer science at an internationally top-ranked university?

Learn all about us here at Saarland University and the fascinating capabilities and potential of computer science.