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AI could make dodgy lip sync dubbing a thing of the past

Researchers have developed a system using artificial intelligence that can edit the facial expressions of actors to accurately match dubbed voices, saving time and reducing costs for the film industry. It can also be used to correct gaze and head pose in video conferencing, and enables new possibilities for video…

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Improving Flat Panel Displays by Discrete Optimization

To reduce the energy consumption of flat panel displays one needs hardware-implementable algorithms that manage the pixel control. A patented solution is able to give results very close to the optimum.Read this Article here:

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STICS – Search and Analysis with Strings, Things, and Cats

Understanding the meaning of a word in its current context is one of the big challenges when searching for information. STICS is a new kind of semantic search engine that not only searches for words, but for meaning: it understands concepts and categories.Read this Article here:

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