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Zuse Medal for Saarbrücken Computer Science Professor Gerhard Weikum

Equipping computers with world knowledge has been a dream of artificial intelligence for decades, thought to be unattainable. Until the mid-2000s, knowledge bases were constructed manually, so they were very limited in their content coverage. With the YAGO project, Weikum and his team made a breakthrough in algorithmically building large knowledge bases about people, places, products and other entities in a scalable way. The YAGO knowledge base became a groundbreaking proof-of-concept that demonstrated [...]

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Study participants wanted: What happens in the brain during programming?

Software developers spend a large part of their working time reading into existing programs and program code. Anyone who wants to know what goes on in his or her brain during this process can now take part in a joint study by Saarland University, the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, Chemnitz University of Technology and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

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Computer science student receives international award for his bachelor thesis

In his bachelor thesis, computer science student Jasper Slusallek deals with one of the most important problems in computer science: How can certain small structures be found as quickly as possible in large networks? For this he has been awarded the “Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award” at the “International Student Awards 2021” of the “Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms”. The prize is awarded worldwide for outstanding bachelor’s and master’s theses in the field of theoretical computer science. 

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