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Stretchable circuits: New process simplifies production of functional prototypes

Stretchable circuits have the advantage that they also work in textiles such as clothing. However, their production is considered to be very costly. A new, simplified process has now been presented by two computer scientists from Saarland University. It is based on a so-called laser cutter and its precise, fast cuts. These are provided by easy-to-use software developed by Daniel Gröger and Professor Jürgen Steimle for designers. Since the necessary materials are available on the market, almost any person can now produce stretchable electronics for their own purposes.

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Saarbrücken computer scientist honored for pioneering work on time-critical software systems

The Airbus A380 is the largest mass production civilian airliner. When the wide-bodied aircraft lands safely, its control software has launched countless components over 500 cable kilometers in time. The foundations for the automatic analysis of such time-critical software systems, such as those found in cars, trains and industrial plants, are provided by computer scientists from the University of Saarland around Professor Reinhard Wilhelm. For their pioneering work, published in 2001, they were [...]

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Growing numbers of new students at Saarland University

The number of new students starting at Saarland University is, at over 2,300, currently slightly above last year’s level. In the winter semester, the total number of students at the university is predicted to level out around 16,800. In view of the declining national population, University President Manfred Schmitt regards this as a great success and a proof of the attractiveness and strong performance of the university, which is also reflected by the substantial increase in the number of doctoral [...]

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UPLINX Qualification in the topic machine learning

The joint project UPLINX is a cross-site qualification programme for machine learning with close practical and application orientation. The project will run until the end of 2019 at all DFKI locations throughout Germany with the participation of the Academy of Engineering Sciences (acatech) under the direction of the Robotics Innovation Center. In autumn 2019, UPLINX will lead to machine learning schools and industry workshops at all DFKI locations.

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Most Influential Paper Award: Producing software like cars in product lines

Companies rely on “product lines” when selling cars or computer programs. The idea behind this: The more common components there are in the product variants, the lower are the production costs. Sven Apel, computer science professor at Saarland University, and two colleagues already published research results in 2008 that transfer this principle to the software industry. The three computer scientists have now been honored by an international commission of experts.

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