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Jilles Vreeken wins prestigious junior research award for data mining

Jilles Vreeken, leading the group “Exploratory Data Analysis” at the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, was awarded the Tao Li Prize in Singapore at the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM). The Tao Li Prize was established in December 2017. The award is named after Professor Tao Li of Florida International University, who passed away in December 2017 and, despite his young age, was considered an outstanding teacher and ingenious researcher in information [...]

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State Chancellery receives computer scientists from Saarland University

Last week the State Chancellery of Saarland invited nine computer scientists to a reception in order to thank them for their commitment to the competition “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”. Three Saarbrücken computer science projects in the areas of dependable systems, bioinformatics and cybersecurity were able to prevail among almost 1500 applications. Thus, the Saarland Informatics Campus received the title “Excellent Place in the Land of Ideas” three times this year.

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“It is urgent that we break free of this arms race”

Professor Backes, a few days ago your research center organized the Summer of Cybersecurity event in the Congress Hall. Why are researchers so committed to engaging with the public? At some point we came to the conclusion that we could not effectively serve the interests of citizens by holding smaller events. Members of the public kept coming to us with similar questions. Therefore, we came up with the idea to create a large-scale event, which would have workshops on everyday IT security that could [...]

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Advertisement of the Saarland Informatics Campus honored with the ZEIT Career Award

The weekly magazine DIE ZEIT presented the “ZEIT Karriere Award” for the fourth time in a row on October 18 in Berlin. An advertisement of the Saarland Informatics Campus is one of the winners. Together with its print and online job markets the magazine honors both job advertisements and image ads, i.e. advertisements that express emotions in a special way towards a product, a brand or a company.

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Excellent teaching at SIC

Traditionally, the student council awards the so-called Busy Beaver Awards at the beginning of each semester. These awards are given to lecturers for outstanding performance in teaching [...]

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