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Film series “Artificial Intelligence in Cinema”: God or only digital rebirth?

In the film “Transcendence” Johnny Depp plays a highly respected scientist whose consciousness is saved on a supercomputer after an attack. Uploaded onto the Internet, he drastically changes the world. The “Kino im Filmhaus” will be showing the 2014 science thriller on Thursday, November 14, starting at 6:30 pm, in its original language and with subtitles. Professor Jörg Hoffmann of Saarland University will comment on the film afterwards. Admission is free. It is the last film in [...]

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69 people attend IT theme evening on “Gamification and Games in Saarland”.

Gamification is the use of typical elements of a game in a context other than that of a computer game. The application of this concept is as colorful as its definition is dry. The same applies to research on this subject. Both take place in the Saarland. This is why the IT theme evening on November 7 introduced top regional thinkers behind it. 69 people accepted the invitation to the Visualization Center of the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) on the Saarland Informatics Campus.

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Vote now! PhD student Kathrin Grosse nominated as “AI-Newcomer”

As part of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s Science Year 2019 – Artificial Intelligence and the project “#KI50: Artificial Intelligence in Germany – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) is awarding prizes to ten scientific talents in the field of artificial intelligence. The deciding factor for the victory is a public online vote, which runs until November 17 of this year.

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Lecture announcement: From start-up to software house

“How I took over a company with 130 employees and learned to love data retention”, explains Julian Backes, Managing Director of the software house “DIaLOGIKa”, next Wednesday, 6.11.2019, from 16:15, in lecture hall 1 (building E1.3).

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Stretchable circuits: New process simplifies production of functional prototypes

Stretchable circuits have the advantage that they also work in textiles such as clothing. However, their production is considered to be very costly. A new, simplified process has now been presented by two computer scientists from Saarland University. It is based on a so-called laser cutter and its precise, fast cuts. These are provided by easy-to-use software developed by Daniel Gröger and Professor Jürgen Steimle for designers. Since the necessary materials are available on the market, almost any person can now produce stretchable electronics for their own purposes.

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