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Saarland University introduces new bachelor’s degree courses in computer science taught entirely in English

In the 2021/2022 winter semester, Saarland University will launch two new bachelor’s degree courses that will be taught entirely in English: computer science and cybersecurity. This makes it the first state university in Germany to offer English-language bachelor’s degree courses in the field of computer science. The move boosts the international profile of Saarland University and makes it even more attractive to students from both Germany and abroad.

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EU funding in the millions to help solve fundamental problems in the interaction of hardware and software

Many safety-critical areas of our lives are being controlled by computer systems: from airbag controls in cars and landing gear on airplanes to essential infrastructure such as energy supply and telecommunications. But are these systems reliable? Computer science professor Jan Reineke of Saarland University thinks not – because a crucial component of today’s computer systems renders the development of safe and secure IT applications impossible at a fundamental level. To change this and [...]

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Computer scientist expands knowledge of computers

Computers answer questions, have conversations or advise customers on their problems. More and more IT applications are relying on structured knowledge. For this, the information has to be organized in a way that a computer can process – in so-called knowledge bases. These knowledge bases are the field of expertise of computer scientist Simon Razniewski, researcher at the Saarbrücken Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics. He is the first to develop a method for adding a crucial, previously [...]

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Computer Science Students Council gives out “Busy Beaver” Award

During this year’s digital kickoff event, the Computer Science Student Council presented its “Busy Beaver” award for the first time since the start of the Corona Pandemic. The award is given to lecturers in the department of Computer Science who have distinguished themselves through their teaching.

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Sensing devices: Design experiment to spark critical discussion

Microphones and cameras are everywhere today: in smartphones, laptops, even in refrigerators and televisions. Many people are now used to these ‚sensing devices’. As a result, they are no longer seen for what they actually are – ubiquitous eyes and ears. A team of computer scientists from Saarland University is using anthropomorphic design to critically question this sensory technology that has become part of everyday life. With ‘Eyecam’ they now present the prototype of a webcam modeled on the human eye.

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