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Apply for the Journalist Award for Computer Science by 15 September

While the social network Facebook is working on introducing its own money currency, the scientific journal Nature reports that an artificial intelligence can now compete with several poker players. Last week’s headlines show how IT applications permeate everyday life. This is why the Saarland State Chancellery and the Competence Center Computer Science Saarland are awarding journalistic, German-language articles in the three categories “Text”, “Audio” and “Video [...]

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Blood samples from the zoo help predict diseases in humans

Penguins, Asian elephants and many other animal species live in the zoos of Saarbrücken and Neunkirchen. As they come from different continents, blood is regularly taken from the animals to check their health. These blood samples have now been used by bioinformaticians and human geneticists at Saarland University to search for biomarkers with which diseases can be detected at an early stage. The researchers want to use similar genetic patterns, which have been present in the blood of humans and animals for thousands of years, to improve computer-assisted disease prognosis.

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Among the finalists: Saarbrücken students secure the assembly of airplanes with artificial intelligence

They are the only German team among the seven finalists Airbus has selected to “shape the future of aviation”: Three young researchers from Saarland University want to make aircraft production safer and lighter. They have developed a system that uses artificial intelligence during assembly to ensure that the rivets, i.e. metal pins connecting the aircraft components, are absolutely secure. With their idea they prevailed against 269 teams of 284 universities from 72 countries. The final [...]

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Informatics anniversary celebrated nationwide

Yesterday a Germany-wide anniversary celebration of computer science took place. Organized by the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), five universities, including Saarland University, celebrated 50 years of computer science education together but also locally. Each of the five universities contributed to the program with local lectures, which were broadcast to the other universities in Dresden, Darmstadt, Munich and Saarbrücken by livestream.

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Film series “Artificial Intelligence in Cinema”: What distinguishes humans from artificial living beings?

“Ghost in the Shell”, the fourth film in the film series “Artificial Intelligence in Cinema”, will be shown on Thursday, 27 June at 18:30 in the Filmhaus Saarbrücken. The American science fiction film deals primarily with cyberterrorism of the most treacherous kind and questions what distinguishes humans from artificial living beings. Dr. Soenke Zehle, lecturer for media theory at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Saar and managing director of the K8 Institute for Strategic [...]

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