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Kurt Mehlhorn is Saarland Ambassador

Kurt Mehlhorn has officially been a “Saarland Ambassador” since November 2021. The founding director of the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science in Saarbrücken and professor of computer science at Saarland University had already been a Saarland Ambassador since 2020, and received his certificate of appointment at the annual meeting of Saarland Ambassadors in November 2021 from Saarland Minister President Tobias Hans and Prof. Michael Backes, founding director of the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security and spokesperson for Saarland Ambassadors.

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Saarbrücken computer science pioneer Prof. Günter Hotz turns 90

On November 16, Günter Hotz, professor emeritus of applied mathematics and computer science, pioneer of computer science in Saarbrücken and honorary senator of Saarland University, will celebrate his 90th birthday. The jubilarian, who lives in St. Ingbert (Saarland), is considered one of the fathers of computer science in Germany. He was a member of the committee that gave the subject its name and drafted the first study regulations. He has been associated with Saarland University for almost six decades.

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How robust are industrial control systems? Computer scientists develop new test approach

How do industrial control systems react to disturbances? To analyze the reaction to a particular type of disturbance, caused by computational errors, Saarbrücken computer science professor Martina Maggio, in collaboration with researchers from Lund University in Sweden, has developed a new approach which outperforms previous testing methods. Their new approach can reveal that a control system may not be as robust as it was assumed to be, based on previous benchmarks. For their work, the research [...]

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Computer science teaching: Professor Verena Wolf heads new expert panel

Knowledge and skills in the field of computer science and digital media are among the key qualifications in the digitalized world – making them increasingly important for children and young people. For the 2023/24 school year, the Ministry of Education and Culture (MBK) is therefore planning to introduce the mandatory subject of computer science for all students starting in grade 7 at community schools and high schools. An expert forum is to develop guidelines for the concrete design of the [...]

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Precisely measure bio-signals with just a few mouse clicks: Computer scientists facilitate the positioning of electrodes on the body

Many are familiar with it from medicine: To measure bio-signals such as the heartbeat or muscle contractions, sensor electrodes have to be placed on the skin. Until now, this has been a task for experts, because the quality of the measurements obtained depends largely on the correct positioning of these electrodes. Computer scientists at Saarland University have developed a method that automates this process for a specific body zone with just a few mouse clicks – and at the same time is faster [...]

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