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UPLINX Qualification in the topic machine learning

The joint project UPLINX is a cross-site qualification programme for machine learning with close practical and application orientation. The project will run until the end of 2019 at all DFKI locations throughout Germany with the participation of the Academy of Engineering Sciences (acatech) under the direction of the Robotics Innovation Center. In autumn 2019, UPLINX will lead to machine learning schools and industry workshops at all DFKI locations.

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Most Influential Paper Award: Producing software like cars in product lines

Companies rely on “product lines” when selling cars or computer programs. The idea behind this: The more common components there are in the product variants, the lower are the production costs. Sven Apel, computer science professor at Saarland University, and two colleagues already published research results in 2008 that transfer this principle to the software industry. The three computer scientists have now been honored by an international commission of experts.

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Saarbrücken scientists research ergonomic, portable electronics

Scientists at Saarland University are working on operating mobile devices via the human body, as this is faster and more intuitive than using multi-touch displays. However, it has so far been unclear how different materials changed the perception of stimuli on the skin and thus also influenced wearing comfort. The researchers therefore investigated how flexible special films can be so that the skin perceives different stimuli. The computer scientists at Saarland University worked together with scientists [...]

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Film Series “Artificial Intelligence in Cinema”: Do Computers Love Better?

In love with the voice of an operating system: the movie “Her” skillfully presents this idea. An Oscar-winning script, an erotic voice and a loner as protagonist all contribute. Afterwards, Vera Demberg, Professor of Computer Science, and Alexander Koller, Professor of Computational Linguistics, both at Saarland University, comment on the film’s scientific content. It is the penultimate film in the film series “AI in cinema”. The Filmhaus in Saarbrücken is showing it [...]

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Experience it for yourself! Try out “Data Science and Artificial Intelligence” before registering!

Artificial intelligence and data science are regarded as occupational fields of the future. Saarland University teaches these disciplines in the new study program “Data Science and Artificial Intelligence”. On Friday, September 6, high school graduates can try out the new subject for four hours. A hands-on workshop, lectures and current research projects are presented to give students a realistic impression of the subject. The offer is free of charge, but Saarland University asks participants to register online.    

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