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Computer scientists and materials researchers collaborate to optimize steel classification process

Steel is used to build cars, wind turbines and bridges and there are currently about 5000 different types of steel available on the market. But how can steel producers guarantee that a particular steel will always exhibit the same high quality? Up until now experienced experts analyzed material samples under the microscope and carefully compared the results against reference images. But classifying materials in this way is not free from errors. Using machine learning techniques, computer scientists [...]

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Opinion: “Digital disempowerment on and off the road”

Driving bans on German roads, the worst-case scenario for owners of diesel cars, may come, according to German jurisdiction. This is despite the fact that experts agree that a diesel engine can be operated in a more environmentally friendly way than a gasoline engine. For this, the right components need to be on board, i.e. the hardware for exhaust gas recirculation and exhaust after-treatment. And these components have to be orchestrated so that the diesel does not stifle us. This is achieved by [...]

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3D Photography with Standard Cameras: Start-up develops special lens for photography and film

Until now, photographers and filmmakers had to use special equipment if they wanted to change the focus area in post-processing or reproduce an object three-dimensionally. The start-up K-Lens has now developed a special lens that can turn any standard camera into a 3D camera. What began as a research project of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and Saarland University, and was developed further with the help of the IT Inkubator, is expected to become available as a commercial product starting in 2019.

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