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AI method “DragGAN” promises to revolutionize digital image processing

Imagine being able to try on different clothes on a virtual avatar and see how they look from every angle. Or adjusting the direction your pet is looking in your favorite photo. You could even change the perspective of a landscape picture. These types of photo edits have always been challenging, even for experts. A novel AI tool now promises that with just a few mouse clicks, anyone can achieve edits like these effortlessly. The method is being developed by a research team led by the Max Planck Institute [...]

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Franco-german AI partnership: DFKI and Inria at Viva Technology 2023

In the 60th anniversary year of the signing of the Élysée Treaty, DFKI and Inria will present partner projects, startups, and their concept for Europe’s digital sovereignty at Viva Technology 2023, Paris, June 14-17. The French national research institute for computer science and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence will demonstrate computer-brain interfaces for use outside the lab, among other things. Together with eight other academic partners and the states of North [...]

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Pills from the 3D printer – special shapes can release active substances in a controlled manner

Pills could soon be produced in shapes that resemble design objects. And this would not be just an aesthetic gimmick, but would serve to release active medical ingredients in the body in a controlled manner. A group of computer scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken and the University of California at Davis have developed a process that uses a combination of computation and 3D printing to produce tablets that dissolve in liquids over a specified period of time. The [...]

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Open Day at Saarland University on 13 May

During the Open Day on Saturday, 13 May 2023, from 10 am – 4 pm, Saarland University will showcase its range of courses and numerous research topics to the general public. The partners at the Saarland Informatics Campus will also present the wide range of computer science topics in information events. Besides introductory talks on the degree programs, there will be info-booths and participation events from various institutions, such as the Computer Science Student Advisory Service, the student [...]

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Research training group in Saarbrücken treads new paths in Artificial Intelligence

AI tools like ChatGPT are currently taking the world by storm, but these systems come with risks of their own. They can, for example, reinforce racial prejudice, they can be used for novel forms of cyberattacks or they can simply generate inaccurate responses or misleading information. Due to the complexity of these systems and their lack of transparency, not even their developers know why their systems are making such mistakes. A new Research Training Group (RTG) at Saarland University will develop [...]

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