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Course of Study at Saarland University wins Saarland State Prize for University Teaching

Studying T-Security and founding a company at the same time – this is what the master’s course “Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity” at Saarland University offers. In just four semesters, students develop a founding idea for IT security and bring the first prototypes to market maturity. For the best ideas, there is start-up assistance and appointments with investors. The Saarland state government has now awarded this unique concept the Saarland State Prize for University Teaching.

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Information about the Corona virus

Due to the current coronavirus-situation, Saarland University has initiated measures to contain further spread. Here you can find the official notification and news updates [...]

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SIC Scientist appointed to Enquête-Commission of the federal state parliament of the Saarland

Kevin Baum, researcher for Computer- and Machine-Ethics at Saarland University, has been appointed as an expert in the Enquête-Commission “Digitalisierung im Saarland – Bestandsaufnahme, Chancen und Maßnahmen” in February 2020. The commission, which started its work in February 2019, determines the effects, opportunities and risks brought about by technological innovation in the Saarland and thus provides the basis for a concept of how to deal with said changes.

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IT startup develops novel blockchain-based approach for secure linking of databases

When medical practices have to exchange patient data or companies work with many suppliers, they face the same challenge: How can they jointly, quickly and securely process their databases’ data records that are necessary for collaboration? Computer scientists at Saarland University have now developed software for this. It enables different companies to connect their database management systems and to process them in a parallel yet forgery-proof manner. In order to bring this Software, called “ChainifyDB” [...]

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The first “Day of Digital Education” in Saarland was a success

A quick glance at the fully occupied rows of the Günther Hotz lecture hall at Saarland University was enough to reach this conclusion. Around 250 teachers and students took part in the first “Day of Digital Education“ in the Saarland. The Ministry of Education and Culture, the Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien, Saarland University and the HTW Saar – University of Applied Sciences jointly organised the training under the motto “Media Education and Informatics Education” on the Saarland Informatics Campus.

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