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Joel Ouaknine joins the MPI-SWS faculty

Joel Ouaknine joins the institute’s faculty as a scientific director, effective Aug 1, 2016. Joel’s research interests include the automated verification of real-time, probabilistic, and infinite-state systems (e.g. model-checking algorithms, synthesis problems, complexity), logic and applications to verification, decision and synthesis problems for linear dynamical systems, automated software analysis, concurrency, and theoretical computer science.

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Advanced Video Processing

New algorithms facilitate complex video processing such as automatic dynamic background inpainting. New machine learning algorithms make possible the removal of compression artifacts [...]

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Markerless Reconstruction of Static and Dynamic Scenes

The 3D reconstruction of detailed models of persons in general apparel is, until now, possible in indoor sudios with controlled environment only. With new algorithms this seems it could succeed even in arbitrarily complex outdoor scenes with only a few camera.

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